Taking the next step

Taking The Next Step

      After you have set up your free account and played it for a while you may decide to deposit more money into your account or try a different poker site. I tried several before I found a couple that I prefer to play on. Before doing this you will need to open an online account to facilitate the transfer of money between your bank and the pokersites and hopefully back into your bank again. The best online account I have found is SKRILL/MoneyBookers, they are very safe and easy to use, you can upload funds instantly using a credit card, a normal transfer will be delayed. Most poker sites will accept payment from a SKRILL/MoneyBookers account. Click on the link below to open an account. Then return here and see what you can do next.



After you have your Skrill/moneybookers account setup you can either deposit into your poker site or find a new one that you might like. Most poker sites offer a bonus for first deposits or a recharge bonus when you top up your account. Here are a few that I prefer:



   But there are hundreds of sites to choose from. To get the best deal when you sign up either go back to poker strategy and check out their offers.
online poker
Try a cool site called Bankrollmob, they have great bonuses and gifts as well as getting you access to plenty of freerolls. If you sign up there and provide I.D such as phone verification (only takes a few minutes) you will be able to access all their best deals. Click below and sign up for Bankrollmob.
Free no deposit poker bonus at BankrollMob
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