Welcome to Steves learn to play poker site. If you are new to online poker I will show you how to get started, and how to get some free $$$ to start your bankroll. If you are already an experienced online player you will find lots of cool hints and links to a lot of poker related sites.


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        First, I will show you how to get free $$$ to start up your poker bankroll, the poker strategy site will give you cash in a poker account at no cost to you and you can learn all the strategy needed from beginner level up to pro. To get the cash you will have to complete a quiz, all the answers are provided, a little bit of reading is required. You will also have to verify your I.D, they don’t give you the cash more than once.

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I do not intend to offer too much in the way of poker strategy and how to play, as there is more than enough information about these written by better players than myself and the information in the poker strategy site is a good way to learn how to play well. These are the main tips I could offer a new player.
1. Download the poker strategy starting hand chart and either print it out or save to your desktop and open it while you play, If you follow this chart you will already be on the way to becoming a good player. After a while you will remember it anyway and won’t really need it.
2. Learn to read the board, eg what cards are out?, what could the other players possibly have?, Why is the other player betting the way he is?. Don’t just look at your own cards.
3. Learn to fold if you are pretty sure you are beaten, even if you have great cards like AA or KK, no matter how much you have already bet. It is better to have some chips left to play with than to go all in knowing you are going to lose everything.
4. Read as many books, articles,websites as you can, there is always something new to learn.
5. Practice as much as you can.
6. Have fun.
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